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A gripping collection that showcases twelve of the most famous prisoner of war escapes in the history of modern warfare. Although these stories feature escapees of different nationalities, ideologies and allegiances, the reader will be captured by the common traits shared by all of these brave soldiers: loyalty to country and cause, tenacity, resourcefulness, and an abundant amount of courage.


Keith's newest work of non-fiction


The Great Desert Escape tells the fascinating story of how twenty-five determined German sailors tunneled out of the Papago Park POW camp in Phoenix, Arizona and attempted to flee to Mexico across the unforgiving Sonoran desert.

"With all of the emphasis on Allied POW escapes over the years, it is interesting to learn about the same from the German perspective." ~ NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS

"The Great Desert Escape is an extremely well-written account... an enlightening, enjoyable, and extremely quick read that brings to life the little-known history of Axis POWs held in American camps during World War II. If your measure of an interesting book (that also holds your attention) is that it makes you read more information on the various topics discussed within, then The Great Desert Escape is for you." MILITARY REVIEW - THE PROFESSIONAL JOURNAL OF THE U.S. ARMY

'Wildly entertaining true story...Well researched, I was captivated reading about the ingenuity and ineptitude throughout the escape." ~EDWIN HOWARD, BOOK REVIEWER




Keith and The Great Desert Escape on television! Thank you to Kim Quintero of AZ Family 3TV. 

About Keith


Keith Warren Lloyd lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. In addition to being an author and historian, he is a professional firefighter and a U.S. Navy veteran. Keith graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on history and political science. 

Keith's latest work, The Great Desert Escape, was released by Lyons Press in April 2019 and tells the true story of how 25 German prisoners of war tunneled their way out of the Papago Park POW camp in Phoenix, Arizona during World War II. 

Keith's Above and Beyond is the biography of Frank Luke Jr., the World War One ace known as the "Arizona Balloon Buster" and the first aviator to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. An excerpt from Above and Beyond appears in the anthology The Greatest Medal of Honor Stories Ever Told by Tom McCarthy, published by Lyons Press.  

Keith's When Heaven Was Falling, Cape Hatteras and On Island Time are historical novels, featuring fictional characters thrust into actual events and often interacting with real-life historical figures. 


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JUNE 27 between 7 and 8 AM, Keith will be  featured in a morning news segment by Kim Quintero of AZ Family TV3 at Papago Park in Phoenix, site of The Great Desert Escape. 

JULY 2 at 2:05 PM, Keith will be talking about The Great Desert Escape on the radio talk show Q&A with D.J. Fone on KQNA 1130 AM and 99.9/95.5 FM in Prescott, Arizona.

Praise for Above and Beyond

Tom McCarthy, best-selling author of "The Greatest Medal of Honor Stories Ever Told":

"An intimate and inspiring portrait of a true hero few people know. This book should be required reading for anyone interested in American history--or for readers looking for a book they won't be able to put down."

William Sweeney, Author's Den:

"This is an excellent book. Frank Luke was one of our greatest heroes. It is good to see him remembered and honored, instead of just buried and forgotten. His story is something that anyone who still believes in American values would appreciate, and the book does a great job of telling his story. All recipients of our country's greatest honor should be remembered this way." 

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